Hosting & Domain Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Hosting & Domain Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Choosing your domain name, registering it, and finding a hosting solution can feel like an overwhelming process. Use this checklist to help you manage the process without missing a step.

Tip: Never, ever let a web design agency, digital marketing agency, virtual assistant, or anyone else purchase your domain for you. It should always be in your name and billed to your credit card.

Hosting & Domain Checklist

  1. I’ve created a list of potential domain names that end in .com.
    • My chosen names are all professional and support my business vision, brand, and mission.
    • They are easy to remember, easy to spell, and unique.
  2. I’ve identified a preferred domain registrar service.
    • GoDaddy is an excellent domain registrar service. However, I do not recommend using them for anything else, including hosting.
  3. I’ve registered my domain(s), including my primary domain name and relevant and supporting domain names. For example,,,
  4. I’ve double-checked to make sure my contact information is correct with my domain registrar.
  5. I’ve set my domains to auto-renew. This step prevents me from missing a notification email and accidentally losing my domain name.
  6. I’ve chosen to register my domain as public.
  7. I’ve verified my information in the Whois database.
  8. I’ve chosen a website host that meets my requirements, including:
    • Web space: the amount of storage your website will require on the web server.
    • Bandwidth: the measure of traffic, both into and out of, your website.
    • Price
    • Support, uptime, and backup
      • Telephone support
      • 24/7 customer support
      • Online trouble ticket/help desk system
      • Email support
      • High percentage of uptime
      • Daily automatic back-ups
      • Plan provides all the features I require
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a protocol used to provide extra security for e-commerce transactions.
  9. I’ve set up my business email address with my website host or through Google’s GSuite service. It looks professional and uses my URL, such as
    • Gmail is okay if you absolutely cannot get an email address with your domain.
    • AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, or any other free email providers are NOT okay. Not only will using one make you appear unprofessional, but it will also make you look like you are stuck in the tech stone age. As a real estate professional, your clients want to know that you are tech-savvy, and an AOL email says anything but.
  10. I’ve chosen a template, hired a designer, and/or put up a landing page so visitors will find information, rather than see a blank page. (This is our bread & butter. Reach out to us if you need help with setting any of this up).

Once you’ve completed these 10 steps, you’re ready to start creating content for your website and driving traffic to it. Congratulations!